Tip Your Visual Journal

We are always looking for great ideas for HoCo360. Do you know of an amazing space, or a killer dish at an ethnic restaurant?

Maybe you just discovered a local band or artist who is gonna be famous one day, except no one knows about them yet. Or perhaps the 13-yr-old kid who lives next door to you just created cold fusion in his basement. (Now, there's a picture.)

Let us know in a comment, right below.

Please tell us why we should feature your idea (feel free to gush) and include plenty of detailed information within the body of your comment. Cryptic tips like, "Hey, I got a great idea -- call me" don't work very well.

The comment will not be published (it will say that it is awaiting moderation after you submit it) so please leave an email address where we can get ahold of you, in case your idea is really interesting.

Many thanks,


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