Museum-Quality Oil Portraiture

Photography today is both ubiquitous and ephemeral in nature. Oil portraiture, however, is a time-honored art form designed to last for many generations.

Because of the costs involved, oil paintings are generally considered to be out of reach for many private individuals. It is thus often reserved for corporate or institutional portraiture—or for well-heeled private collectors.

I work with Zhang Studio, a boutique oil portraiture collective is Xiamen, China. Through this partnership it is now possible to commission world-class oil portraiture locally, and to do so at surprisingly accessible prices. This is accomplished through division of labor. The reference photography is done on location at your home or office, and the oil painting is then finished by a world-class painter overseas.

The result: a museum-quality oil painting can now be commissioned in the Baltimore-Washington DC area at a price roughly 60-80% less than that of traditional, live-painting portraiture. And the quality easily surpasses that of local painters, no matter what their price.


To learn more, please visit Baltimore Washington Oil.