About the Photographer

Dubai Cityscape, for Fujifilm Japan

Hi, I'm David Hobby. I've been a photographer in Howard County for the last 25 years, but more recently my work takes me all over the world. Between jobs you'll find me happily shooting for a variety of Howard-based organizations.

Locally, I have developed projects with the Howard County Arts Council, the Howard County Economic Development Authority and the Howard County Conservancy among others.

If you have a Howard County-based project that might benefit from photography that strives to be both thoughtful and creative, please do not hesitate to contact me. Generally speaking, the more potential for interesting photos the less important is your budget. It's a strange model, granted. But that's how I work.

I also serve as a reference photographer for Zhang Studio, which is located in Xiamen, China. Working in collaboration with the the artists at Zhang Studio, we are able to produce museum-quality oil portraiture locally in the Mid-Atlantic region, at a surprisingly accessible price.


Baltimore Fencing Club

David Williams of Merkle, for Howard County EDA

Caleb Vaughn-Jones, for Howard County Arts Council

Mezzo Soprano Alexandra Rodrick, for Howard County Arts Council

Grand Central Terminal, for Lynda.com

Blacksmith, for Howard County Conservancy

Havana, Cuba for Fujifilm Japan