Standing Behind Their Work

I love tooling around in the industrial parks of Howard County -- you never know what kind of cool stuff is going on inside those nondescript buildings. Especially some of those commercial parks just across 295 from the NSA.

An assignment for The Business Monthly last month took me to this very eastern edge of HoCo to photograph Dianna and Wayne Wilhelm, of Wilhelm Security Solutions.

You are looking at (or, more accurately, through) one of the latest innovations in laminated ballistic glass. (Don't say bullet proof. That'll mark you as a newb.) And for half-inch glass that is optically clear enough to shoot a portrait through, the stuff is amazing.

This innocuous looking window stopped five fully jacketed 9mm rounds at point-blank range. The special sauce in the glass, a laminate affixed with a "C Bond," is designed just for that purpose. And Wayne says that within a few months the glass will have progressed to a "G Bond," which'll stop a round from an AK-47.

As a result, new government installations going up in the area can be built (or retrofitted) with some serious protection at a small fraction of the cost of the thick wavy glass that formerly was used for the same job.

Which means that when it comes to outfitting many of the new DHS installations in the Baltimore/Washington corridor, Wilhelm Security Solutions is number one with a bullet.

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