Friday Night Lights

Thirty years ago, I began my career as a photojournalist shooting high school football games. Even after 20 years of shooting NFL and NCAA football on assignment for publications, prep football remains one of my favorite things to photograph.

This year, after my daughter entered Wilde Lake High School as a freshmen, I started shooting prep football again—this time for the school itself. I was able to shoot five games this season. And no tight deadlines means I did not even have to leave each game in the second quarter, as was usual during my years as a newspaper photographer.

It was great fun, even if I am a little rusty after a 5-year hiatus from shooting the sport.

This was shot early in the season, when there was still a little daylight left during the first half of the games. It's actually a composite of six photos shot in quick succession, then stitched together to make one super-wide view.

Wilde Lake ended their football season today with a 20-0 over Marriotts Ridge. Go Cats.

Tags: Play, Sense of Place

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