About HoCo360

Dubai Cityscape, for Fujifilm Japan

Hi, I'm David Hobby, the ex-journalist behind HoCo360.

I've been a photographer in Howard County for the last 30 years. Until 2008 I was a staff photojournalist with The Baltimore Sun. Now I publish Strobist.com from my home in Ellicott City and teach photojournalism workshops in cities around the world.

Between assignments I partner locally with a variety of Howard-based organizations. I have co-developed visual projects with the Howard County Arts Council, the Howard County Economic Development Authority, the Howard County Conservancy and others.

My current work involves photographing and collecting the stories of people who have moved to Howard County from another country, and whose contributions help to make our community more vibrant and diverse. My goal is to help others to understand how a thriving immigrant community elevates everyone's quality of life.

If you know of a Howard County-based immigrant who might be a good addition to this project, please feel free to contact me via email or Twitter.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Baltimore Fencing Club, for Lynda.com

Hanoi, Vietnam, for X-Peditions

Matanzas, Cuba, for X-Peditions

Grand Central Terminal, for Lynda.com

Mezzo Soprano Alexandra Rodrick, for Howard County Arts Council

Cellist Caleb Vaughn-Jones, for Howard County Arts Council

Main Street, Ellicott City, for Fujifilm Japan

Blacksmith Albin Drzewianowski, for Howard County Conservancy

Havana, Cuba for Fujifilm Japan

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